Blake got to sit with his cousins at the very first Z-fam kid table.  They did great!  (Once again, I apologize for not getting picture permission...thus the x-faces.)
Blake joined Mom and me in making Tea Rings this year (for a little bit, at least).  :)
He didn't last long.  I don't blame him...we ended up with 33 this year.  Next time mom suggests adding "just one more bowl," I think she's going to get a face full of flour.  ;)

I ended up doing quite a bit of baking over the weekend.  This is a pic of the most amazing lemon meringue pie ever, in my humble opinion.  I'm not sure I could repeat I had to take a picture.

Nate requested the same cake as last year...a Black forest torte.
My guy. We were blessed to be able to celebrate Nate's birthday in Rochester...without the kids.


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