In the words of Blake, 

"Fireworks!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!"

This, my friends, marks my 500th blog post.  Can you believe it?  I've put off posting all day, as I didn't really have anything profound to say...but then I realized I never really have anything profound to say.

At any rate, we Zs are super happy to have our computer back up and running.  It died on Monday evening, and Nate was able to order parts and build a new one (oh my, you should have seen his eyes dancing!) for us.  We have Windows 7 now, which is interesting.  I haven't really figured it all out yet.

The kids are doing well.  It seemed like every day this past week Blake managed to do something hillariously blogworthy, but now that I actually have the ability to post, I can't remember any of least not well enough to tell a good story with.  He's really loving the cold weather and the snow.  He's motivated enough to get outside to play in it that he manages to put on his boots, coat, hat, and mittens all by himself.  You won't find me complaining.

Camille's growing and changing each day.  She's able to get up on all fours now, but still prefers to do her army crawl, rather than a "proper" crawl.  What a sweet girl we have.  :)

Nate and I are enjoying an evening of "classic" Office episodes...we're trying to remember when it was actually funny...and actually about an office.  We also may or may not be enjoying the lights on the Christmas tree that we may or may not have put up today.  ;)

So...happy 500, everybody!


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