"Not Blake- just Sir!"

I'm still on my quest to make our house look prettier.  I just haven't made as much progress because I've been working on the Advent calendar and a couple of other Christmas projects (wink, wink), but I'm still trying.

A couple of nights ago I decided that we'd use placemats and cloth napkins- just for a change.  I realized that I have all of these pretty things, but I never use them.  I've been saving them to entertain with, but nobody ever comes to be entertained.  Plus, if anybody actually did come to our house, I wouldn't be able to use them, because I only have sets of four (lol...).  Why not just have our family use them?

Blake loves them.  He loves to be all official and lay them across his lap, but there's one slight problem.  When I introduced the cloth napkins to him, I acted all fancy and said, "Here's your napkin, sir!"  He looked at me kind of funny, but politely responded, "Thank you, sir!"  I took a long time trying to explain that Mommy was ma'am, and Blake was sir. 

I guess the discussion didn't go the greatest, because the only thing that seems to have stuck is the fact that Blake now insists on being called "Sir."  For instance, this morning I said, "Blake, eat your cereal!"  He looked at me with a very serious look and replied, "Not Blake- just Sir!"

PS- Our computer is dying, so if I happen to disappear for a couple of days...well, you know what happened.


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