N is for Nanaimo Bars; O is for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I read the story behind these Nanaimo Bars on Joy of Baking, and I was intrigued.

I also figured they'd work perfectly this week, since they're no-bake, and I decided to put no nuts in them.  (Also, Nathan may say "nay" to them once he finds out there's coconut in the crust.  Shhh...)

Before I show you a picture, I will share for you exactly what it looks like if you aren't careful and your chocolate seizes.  Oops.

And the bars:

And you may have noticed that there are two letters this week.  This is because somebody managed to make a rookie mistake by not actually reading all the way to the bottom of the instructions before committing to making a double batch.  Oops.  Not enough for everybody.

Thus the oatmeal cookies.  They're Martha's recipe.


Not a big deal...we'll run out of weeks before we'll run out of letters this school year anyhow.



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