Taking back our house.

First off, happy birthday, little house.  :)  Nate and I became homeowners five years ago.

When I look at the pictures from our first days in this house, I am amazed at the changes in the house (albeit small) and in the people in the pictures.  What will the next five years hold?

With that, I'll add pics from my most recent "taking back our house" endeavor.  Nate was trying to pack his lunch the other day, and he had to brace the food in the freezer with one hand to keep it all from falling on him as he looked for some leftovers to pack.



Before (I realized after I had already started piling things on the table that I should take a before picture):

During (at this point, honestly, I was so excited that my hands were shaking (not from the cold), and I emailed my friend so that she would share in my excitement.  Yes, there are more people that get excited about these things...):

and after:


Kim said…
You inspired me to do it, too!

Also - you can freeze BUTTER?! Where has that been all my life.

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