A new toy.

Yup.  I got a holder-thing for my phone, so that when I go running I can take my phone, turn on the GPS thing, and literally "map my run."

It turns out that there's a little lady in my phone that talks to me each time I go a mile.  (Ok, yes, this scared me the first time...)  She tells me how long I've been running, and what my mile pace times are.

Then...when I get home I can look on the computer and see how fast (ahem...slow) I ran where, where the elevation changes how much, and how this run compared to that one...

And I'm having fun.  

Let this be my witness:  Exercise.  Have fun.  Have fun while exercising.  It's possible, people.

It's good for you.

It took me way to long to realize this.


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