Psalm 86:5
You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you.


An observation- the kids are still memorizing too, and it's been an interesting challenge to find basic verses that are important for them to learn, yet are verses that I haven't already memorized.

Also, I told the kids that it was May 1 today, and we needed to find a new verse to memorize.  Blake took the opportunity to launch into a 20 minute rendition of the Christmas story, telling me  "all of that was in the Bible, and that's what we should memorize."  :)

Yup...this is yet another example of how Blake is so much his father that it's not even funny.  In the past I've kind of wondered what it would be like to have known Nate as a kid.  I needn't wonder any longer.  I'm living with a five year-old version of him.


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