I was a fabulous mom.

I was looking through some pictures.

Here's one I found of Blake, at roughly the same age that Abby is now:

Do you know what my reaction to this picture was?

"Gasp!!!!  I let Blake PAINT when he was that little?!?  What was I thinking?!?!"

Followed closely by,

"Yeah...I totally wouldn't let Abby do that."

Erg.  I was a better mom then.

And then I found this picture, 

Taken along with this picture,

From when Camille was about the age that Abby is now.

"Oh yeah- I took those pictures for the book that I had to make Camille for ECFE.  Oops.  I haven't even considered doing ECFE with Abby.  Oh well...it's a hassle, and I would have to put Camille in sib care..."

Yup.  Totally a better mom back then.


It's just a different season, right?  I'm a different mom to Abby than to Blake or Camille, because now I have an Abby and a Blake and a Camille.  Right?  And her life is richer for it.  Right?

(Abby, if you are reading this 20 years from now, know that I love you very much, and trust me...you're probably better off for not having done finger painting or ECFE.  And I'm trying.  Really.  I am trying.  And don't worry.  Blake dropped that bear of Camille's in the campfire somewhere in Wisconsin.  You're not the only one who got the short end...)


Trace said…
Oh Anne...you are a MOM! We all think and doubt and worry and fret about what we are doing, right or wrong. But in the end, if you love your little bundles of joy, that's really all that matters. Give yourself a break. In a way, Abby is getting the "experienced, relaxed, level headed" mom who have survived and learned so much over the "Blake and Camille" years! Keep on going, little mama!!

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