Garden: Week 2!

After checking five different stores/garden centers/EVERYWHERE, we finally found a Thai pepper plant for Nate.  Somehow we got a couple of hours of sun this morning, so the kids and I rushed out to the garden to check on its progress and get Nate's pepper plant in the ground.

After not having water access last week, I wasn't sure exactly what we'd find.  Looks pretty good, with the only exception being that only one of my tiny little carrot seeds has sprouted. least we'll each get to try 1/5 of a carrot...maybe.

You have a long way to grow, little plants!


The kids were really excited to get back out there.  Camille wanted to show everyone her new purple bucket:

Abby reallllly wanted to eat Blake's petunia:

And Blake...

Yup.  That pretty much sums it up.  ;)


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