I'm official now!  See?

As Abby would say,  "Cool dude!"  :)

How's it going, you ask?  Pretty well.  I'm in the eighth week of the twenty week training plan, and I'm keeping up.  It's an incredible feeling to know that every time I set out to run, I'm (symbolically) fighting along with so many friends and family members who are actually fighting cancer.  Thinking of them keeps me going every single time.

During our vacation last week I was blessed that we were able to stay in two hotels with really nice fitness centers on days I needed to do my long runs, so I was able to keep up, more or less.  

I also got one run in while we were camping. 

Right before I was swarmed by black flies. ;)

And how is fundraising going?

Friends, I am humbled to report that we are almost halfway to the $1,000 mark.  It's such a moving feeling to know that so many people are joining this fight against cancer, and each time I find out that someone has donated, it moves me to run even more.  Here's the link if you would like to join in too.


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