Garden, FlowerZ, and SSMT.

We Zs are back from a lonnng week away.  It seems like everywhere we went on vacation we were surrounded by beautiful flowers and gardens.

I'm not saying that mine even come close to comparing, but I was REALLY excited to check out my own flowers and our community garden when we came back.

I wasn't disappointed.  :)

I was pretty sure the Asiatic lilies were going to bloom while we were gone, and they did- but I was happy we didn't miss the blooms.  This plant was one that I rescued from death row.  It didn't bloom last year, but what a show this year!  Look at them!!

I gathered an entire (small) bouquet from the back yard flowers.  Smile.  :)

The kids and I were definitely excited to run out to check the garden this morning.  It's been hot and sunny, and we were hoping to see great things.  We weren't disappointed!


Green bell peppers!

Thai peppers!

Tomatoes!  Lots of tomatoes!

Abby!  What are you picking off of there?!


Beans and peas!  Lots of them!! 


We might actually get some veggies, people.  :)

And finally, the 14th SSMT verse this year:

Matthew 5:6
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.


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