Uphill both ways.

This weekend I had the opportunity to drive the half-marathon course while we spent some time in Belle Plaine. 


It's uphill both ways, I'm telling you.

Well, maybe not the entire way, but it's uphill.  A lot.

My brother-in-law is also going to run the race in October, so he volunteered to come on a run with me Saturday morning.  This guy could probably roll out of bed one morning without training and run the half in half my time...but he stuck with me and we ran 6 miles.

And it felt like it was uphill both ways.

And now I'm kind of scared to have to run that route more than twice that far, because after six miles, I was tired.

But I'm not going to give up, because I'm assuming that compared to cancer, running thirteen miles is a piece. of. cake.

So there.  Take that, cancer.  We're fighting you HEAD ON.


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