Up the big grey mountain.

Last week one of our destinations was to a campground where Nate and his family had camped growing up.  Nate had some really fond memories of this place, and he was excited to share them with me and the kids.

So one day we set out on a favorite trail.

It started out ok...Blake and Camille were able to climb over most of the obstacles in the path...

The brush was pretty dense, but you can see the lake over there somewhere.

And then we got a little further, and Blake announced that he saw a "big grey mountain."  This is Nathan admitting that it might have been a little easier to hike this path as a ten year-old (without a 3 year-old, a five year-old, and a wife wearing a 1 year-old on her back...).

But we survived, made it to the top, and found some really yummy blueberries waiting for us.  I'm fairly certain that the kids would still be up there if we had let them stay.

Pretty view from the top of the "big grey mountain" (bluff)!

Proof that Abby and I made it unscathed (mostly).

And maybe I'll let Nate choose the trail again next time.  Maybe...


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