Big news!

Hi friends!

Guess what!  I've got big news to share!

I've gone through the steps, and prepared, and worried, and got my own business cards and

Friends, I am so excited.  Etsy is a website where you can host your own shop and sell handmade items.  I only have a few things listed at first, but I'm hoping to expand what I offer in the coming days and weeks.

My vision is to sell things that are practical and pretty.  I make things that are useful in your home, but I add something a little extra-special.  Just for YOU.

I'll keep this blog just for normal AnneZPlace ramblings, and if you want to follow me on the "business" side, you can visit me at, on Twitter at @annezgifts, on Facebook, and of course, at my Etsy shop!

Thanks for your support!

Enjoy.  :)


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