Moms Night Out

Last night I accompanied a friend to a movie screening.  I didn't know what to expect, but was a movie, in a movie theater, it was free, and she was driving!  What was there to lose?

It turns out that the movie was Moms Night Out.  It comes out the weekend of Mothers day, and they're going around offering people free tickets to see the movie.  Then they're hoping that those of us who saw the movie will take it upon ourselves to blog/tweet/pin/instagram about it and tell everybody how wonderful it was.

Oh my goodness.

They didn't even have to ask.  

I was already planning to come on here and blog about it when I was about five minutes into the movie.

Friends, I cried twice during the movie.  Once because I was laughing SO HARD.  And once because the message of the movie was really that beautiful.

Honestly, I would recommend that anybody see this movie.  It's SO FUNNY.  It's absolutely clean.  It's got a good message.  And it's FUNNY.

Here's the trailer from YouTube...

So anyway, even though I probably only got to see this movie so that I'd tell other people how great it was, I would've totally blogged about it anyway.  It was that good.  I've never been in a theater with that many other people who were all laughing so hard.

Enjoy.  :)


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