Goldy's run.

Well friends, I did it!

It was rainy and windy and cold, but I finished.  (and maybe most importantly, I didn't get sick!)

Not that it matters too much, I guess, but my time was a little slower (2:04ish) than the one I did in September (2:01).  Maybe it was because I had trained better for the September race, and maybe it was because this course had a lot more hills, but it's all good.  My goal was to finish, and finish I did.

The neat thing about this race was that you finished on the 50 yard line of the Gophers' stadium.  As I ran down the tunnel and onto the field I might have pretended for a little bit that I was a fabulous football player.  But then my tired legs almost tripped on the ramp going down, so I stopped pretending and went back to focusing on actually making it to the field...  :)

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And proof I finished....

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