Whee!  I did it! I ran the entire way!!

My number:


My reward:


I've only ran one other 5K (5 years ago), and I couldn't run the whole way.  This time I did.  My time was just over 40 minutes.  Yes, I know that's a slow pace, but it gives me lots of room to improve, right?

And, I DID IT.  :)


Sarah said…
WAHOO!!!! Titus would say "You're a Rockstar!" Really Anne, I am so proud of you not only for having the courage to run the race today but for all the work and training you put into it before today! I hope you enjoyed your reward thoroughly =) By the way, I do have a Caribou "buy one, get one free" coupon so I think you should have taken me with =)
Holly said…
Way go to Anne!!! So proud of you! You seriously amaze me :) Wish we were closer so we could go on walks/runs together.

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