My little boy started Sunday school.  He's (obviously) not three yet, but the teachers are great and invited him to attend.  He loves it.  I love that he loves it. 

My little girl is quite fussy today.  I think she may be starting to get a couple of teeth.  At least I hope that's what it is...

I was still feeling very proud of myself until yesterday, when I opened up the newspaper to read that Drew Carey ran a 10K in just a little bit more time than it took me to run a 5K.  Drew Carey?  Really?  I guess I need to keep running...faster.

Somewhere between 5 minutes and 245 minutes from now my dishwasher and clothes dryer are going to get fixed.  Hallelujah!  (Just don't wake up my children, Mr. Centerpoint man!  I don't want them fixed that much...) 

11 more months until my 30th birthday.  :-/


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