Not grill...

Nate has the habit of calling Camille "smiley girl" when she's...well....smiling a lot.  Blake has picked up the habit too, and thinks it's great fun to catch Camille in the act.  The problem, however, is that Blake hasn't totally acquired the pronunciation power required to say the word "girl," and it comes out "smiley grill."

To this, Nate replies, "Not grill- girl!"

To this, Blake giggles and repeats, "Smiley grill!  Not grill..."

To this, Nate shakes his head.

Well, this afternoon Blake was in the back of the van and was very intent on practicing "girrrrl." Wouldn't you know, he finally got it!  I praised him for his effort, and then from the back seat I hear, [clap, clap, clap] "Yeah Blake!!  Boom, boom, boom!!  Fireworks!"

LOL...Nate's son gave himself fireworks!  

Perhaps we've been watching too many Twins games....


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