What's for supper?

I think I'm in a cooking rut.  

This time of the afternoon comes, and I start thinking about what I should make for supper...do I have to start thawing out meat...do I have the correct ingredients...how much time will it take to make...boy, it would sure be easier to ask Nate to stop somewhere on his way home...

It wasn't always like this.  Last year at this time I had dozens of recipes I was itching to try out.  I had a month-long menu planned out.  What happened?  Why is there suddenly nothing I want to cook?  Where did the good recipes go?

As I sit here I can look into the kitchen and see the cupboard where we keep the oatmeal.  I'm hungry for chocolate.  Blake's asking for cookies.  

Is it legal to serve oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for supper?  I'm sure they fall into at least a couple of the food groups...

Poor Nate.


Lisa B said…
I completely understand. I often get in ruts after I have spent the last couple months trying out recipes. I must admit I am in one now and am making the same things over and over again. It helps me to plan easy meals when I am really into cooking and then I don't get in a rut as much. Maybe we should start a recipe exchange program!

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