It doesn't get much better than this...

Today the kids and I ran to my Cub. 

I say my Cub, because it's the store where I know exactly where everything is.  It's the store where I have had phenomenal customer service.  It's the store that has the perfect kid/cart configuration for the ages of my two kids.  Sigh...yes, it's cheesy and cliche, and it plays right into their marketing scheme, but I'll type it anyway...I love my Cub.

Well.  I thought it couldn't get much better, but IT HAS!

They installed self checkouts at my Cub!!  Whee!  You may or may not know that it is my personal dream to work in the checkout line at a grocery store for one day.  NOW I CAN CHECK OUT MY OWN GROCERIES WHENEVER I WANT! doesn't take much, does it.  ;)


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