Blake's Little Einstens cake was supposed to be a Little Einsteins cake.  Then I couldn't make the colors come out I switched to good old Bob the Builder.  You can have a Bob cake at a Little Einsteins party, right?

No, it's not my best work.  This is what happens when you 
a) try out too many new techniques on one cake
b) are tired
c) are making a cake, but your heart's really not in it

I think I'm caked out, people.

Bob is made by using a frozen buttercream transfer ("FBCT" if you're looking for more info...).  Generally, I learned about 12 things not to do through this process.  :-/

I also tried out Wilton's color mist.  Verdict?  Yeah, it does what it says it does, but it's MESSY and difficult to be accurate (and it stains your hands worse than the food coloing gels do).

In the end, though, it's still a cake.  Bob is on it, and we can still put a candle in it and sing happy birthday- I'm pretty sure that's all Blake wants anyway.  :)


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