A sweet cake for the German.

Yesterday I endeavored to make my very first German's Sweet Chocolate Cake.  "German's Sweet Chocolate Cake" was what was requested, so I figured I had better make exactly that.

I did some research on the Joy of Baking site,and I learned quite a bit about the cake.  I decided not to go with her recipe, though, because she didn't actually use German's sweet chocolate in her cake.  Go figure.

(Somewhere during the process I obviously had to check in with my dear friend Alton, but surprisingly he wasn't much help with this particular recipe.)

So...I did a little more searching and came across Kraft's website, which boasted the "Original Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate Cake."  Can't go wrong with going straight from the source.  I went with it.

I'm really quite proud of myself.  I think this is one of the more involved scratch cakes that I've done, and I made it without a hitch (with the added difficulty level of a three year-old insisting on helping).  :)  

Here's the icing.  I wish you could smell it.  YUM.

Here's the finished product.  My only regret is that the bottom layer balked a little bit coming out of the pan, and therefore had some not-so-perfect marks on the side.  (According to what I read, a real German's chocolate cake does not have the sides iced.)

Happy birthday, DadZ!


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