She can have her cupcake...and actually eat it too!

Today I did some baking for a friend of mine who doesn't do the gluten thing. It's been very interesting, actually, to explore this part of the baking world. I must admit, for the cupcakes I didn't get too adventurous for my first try. (It's more than a little intimidating to know that if you're not careful, you can make a person pretty sick...)

The cupcakes were made using a Betty Crocker Gluten-Free yellow box mix. The yellow cupcake has a lemon pudding filling with lemon buttercream. The pink one has strawberry icing (pretty much the same recipe I used a couple of weeks ago for church). I didn't taste either type of cupcake, but I'm hoping she'll let me know how they taste!

I also tried my hand at some gluten-free cookies. I made this snickerdoodle recipe. I did try one of these- they taste pretty good! My only issue was misjudging how far the cookies would spread in the pan (thus the marks where I cut them apart...). They came out a lot flatter than "normal" snickerdoodle cookies I've made in the past.


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