The madness of March

This morning Nate and I were discussing NCAA brackets.  Blake asked what we were talking about.
We told him we were playing a game.  Blake's response- "I think that I'm going to be the winner."


So, I let him "fill out" a bracket.  I read him each pairing of teams, and he decisively told me the winner for each.  Watching his bracket should be rather interesting...he managed to pick some rather surprising upsets.  In true Z-fam fashion, however, he carried Wisconsin most of the way, and chose his uncle Mark's school (Kansas) to be champ (without any prompting, I might add).

We'll fill one in for Camille too- she'll take the cat's spot and choose the winners based solely on rankings.

My bracket?

Meh...  I'm not feeling so sure about my picks this year.  Maybe I've just subconsciously decided to let Nate win two years in a row.  ;)


Tracey said…
I am again concerned for kitty...
I really wish I could remember your cat's name. It would make defending her so much easier :)

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