Chocolate Revel Bars

Turns out tonight is the last night of Wednesday activities.

How do we celebrate?

Chocolate. Revel. Bars.

My favorite.  By far.  If you told me I could have one chocolate revel bar or unlimited chocolate chip cookies for the rest of the year, I would choose the one chocolate revel bar.  Hands down.

After one of the kids was born my mom brought me a batch of chocolate revel bars.  I remember the chocolate revel bars.  I do not remember the baby.

These guys aren't that difficult to make, but they take some time.

And they're much better if someone makes them for you (hint, hint, hint...).

So I made a double batch.  That's a lot of bars.  I needed to ensure there would be leftovers.  And pre-overs.  (Meaning: Blake watched me as I cut into them this afternoon and said, "Mommy!  People are going to see that there are some missing!"  "Don't worry Blake.  I made extra this time.  Lots.  And we're cutting them and putting them in containers so that no one will notice."  #trainupachild)

At any rate, I used my mom's recipe, which happens to be exactly like the one I found online at BH&G (gasp!).

Enjoy.  :)


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