Isaiah's Kindness Project

Today is a special day.  One year ago today a tiny little boy named Isaiah was born still into this world, but he danced right into the arms of his Jesus.   (Isaiah's mom Becky has written beautifully about his story on her blog.)

We Zs wanted to remember Isaiah along with his family, so we decided to join in on Isaiah's kindness project. Becky asked people to participate by blessing others, and then report back to them with what they did (here's your report!!).  :)

The kids and I spent some time thinking about what we wanted to do.

Our decision was to make some blueberry muffins for some friends.

So, bright and early this morning we got baking, 

packaged them up,

and delivered them.  I let the kids choose the recipients.  We ended up blessing two sets of neighbors, an older friend from church, "our" cashier at Cub, and the kids' doctor and his nurse.

It was fun to let the kids direct where we ended up, and it was a sweet feeling to anticipate surprising others and attaching joyful memories to this day.


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