Six out of seven.

Today's our seventh anniversary.  Last night after I went to bed Nate wrote seven little notes for me and hid them around the house for me to find. 

I have only found six.

He won't tell me where they are.

There's one left.

Where is it?!

This wouldn't bother me so much, except...they're in places that he's expecting me to find them. 

One was on the TV remote.  Yup, gotta let the kids watch TV.  Definitely going to find that one.

One was in my cell phone.  No question there.

One was in the van.  Of course I have to drive Blake to preschool.

One was in the washing machine.  This is what makes me nervous.  He knows that I usually do wash on Mondays, which I'm guessing is why he hid it there.

So...what if he hid the final note in a "chore" of mine?  If I don't find it, it's totally obvious that I have been slacking off!



Kim said…
BATHROOM! Somewhere in there. Everyone has to go in there at some point in the day...
Anne said…
The microwave. Evidently he assumed I'd feed somebody at some point during the day. :)

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