I'm back!

Long time, no posts.  

Don't worry.  I wasn't reading that book the whole time.  (Actually, it only took a day- easy read, but he has quite the potty mouth, and it left a bad taste in my mouth.  Disappointing.)

Wanna know where I really was?





Nate had a training/conference for work, and I was so blessed to be able to go with him.  (Thanks to my parents for the full-time kid care!)

Nate was in meetings.

The kids were taken care of (with many states between us).

I was alone.  By myself.

Smiling.  A lot.

Yes, I missed the kids.  Yes, of course, I felt mom-guilt.  But the trip was so good.

We flew into San Francisco, and spent the evening seeing some of what there was to see.  I did not bump into the Tanner family.  :-/

This is the closest I got to the ocean or to Alcatraz.  I was fine with it.

I don't excel at night photography, but hey...it's sufficient.

Most of the reason we wanted to stick around in San Francisco until dark- the Bay Bridge is lit up all fancy and stuff right now:

More later, I promise.  :)


Kim said…
Well, now it's your turn to bully me into a kidless vacation. We took our honeymoon to San Francisco, so these pictures are making me miss that! I'm so thankful you had such a great time :)

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