Taking back our house.

Some people have pretty laundry rooms.

I'm not one of those people.  I have a "normal-people" laundry room.  Dark.  Cold.  Unfinished.  In the basement.  Dirty.

And I have a shelf that has bothered me for a really long time.

I decided to make it pretty.  :)  I used some of the paint that we had left over from painting Blake's room in 2008, and I added some fabric.  (nope...didn't even iron it.)   For some reason they hung the shelf against a piece of cardboard. (?!?)  But...this worked in my favor, because I could hang the fabric using push pins!  Ha!  Brilliant!  No glue!  Repositionable!  Stretchable!  Take-down-for-washing-able!

And there you have it.  Now at least little bit of my laundry room is pretty.  :)  (And oops, I noticed as I was taking pictures that I somehow missed painting the bottom of the first shelf...)


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