More fuel for the fight.

This morning I learned that overnight a former coworker lost her battle with cancer.

She was young.  She left a husband.  She didn't get to have kids. 

And, my friends, that sucks.

And, my friends, that's why I'm running.

I'm running because she can't.  I'm running because my heart breaks for her husband and family.  I'm running because I'm not a scientist and I can't discover a cure for cancer...but I can help support the people who can.


Just under 17 weeks until race day.  Last week I ran 15 miles, and so far during training (3 weeks down) I've logged 44.  Would you consider pledging $15 or $44 at my DetermiNation site?  This week, let's fight in honor of my former coworker and her family.


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