When a man loves a woman...

...he loves her so very well that she'll try to do everything she can to love him right back.

When Blake got into playing with LEGOs, Nate sacrificed his mostly-broken Deep Freeze Defender to Blake's box of LEGOs.  Nate's told me many times how much fun he had playing with it when he was little.

So, in anticipation of Father's Day,  Blake and I spent a week pawing through his LEGOs, referring to online diagrams, and putting Nate's ship back together.

It was supposed to be a surprise, but it's a good thing that Blake spilled the beans (within the first five seconds of seeing Nate for the first time after I told Blake what we were going to do...).  It turned out to be a pretty complicated ship, and I'm not sure we could have finished it without Nate's help. 

Happy belated Father's Day, Nate.  You rock- big time.  :)


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