You know, it's kind of interesting to be working toward something for so long, and then have it be done.  That's how I feel about the race.  I'm not sure what to say now...I'm so thankful to have had the experience, and I'm so humbled by the number of people who joined me in fighting this awful cancer.

But now I feel quiet.  And my prayer is that the money we raised will find its way into the hands of people who really need it.  So that we can make a difference.

If you're interested, here are some pictures that I took during the race.  I had a really wonderful, wonderful experience on Saturday.  I'm realizing that I'm typing this that my friend Amber shared with me some of the pictures she took, but I kind of forgot to ask her permission to use them on here.  Hehe...maybe we'll do that for tomorrow's post, but for now, enjoy:

The start!!

It was absolutely gorgeous at the beginning of the race...precisely, I'm sure, why it's called a "scenic" race.  :)

Earlier this summer Nate and I drove the course a couple of times.  As I did "training" runs I'd often think about the race, and this particular part of the course was the one that I'd picture in my mind.  It was surreal to finally, finally be running it.

So pretty.
Maybe after some time has passed I'll compose another post in which I can tell you about the wonderful people I met along the way, and I'll admit to you that I did indeed come in dead last, and we can laugh together about the Gator that followed me the entire 13 miles. 



So beautiful!

(and yes you can use any pictures - they are yours now) :)

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