Eight years.

Eight years ago Nate took me on a hike and proposed.  

(I had considered doing something flowery with that sentence...Eight years ago the most wonderful man took me on a hike and asked me to embark with him on the hike of our lives.  Nah...)


At any rate, that state park was Wild River State Park, and yesterday we got to go back.

Amazing, I tell you.  Simply amazing.

(Cue lots of pictures...)

The leaves were gorgeous...

"Look!  There's the bench!"

(Eight years later, three kids took up all the room on the bench and demanded Funyuns.)

But the view is the same.  :)

And yes, there's the sappy picture of the rings...


...but the entire picture includes the 19 month old wanting "UP!" and filling her mouth with more Funyuns.


And, quite possibly, the most beautiful fall view I've ever seen.

The perfect spot for a picnic supper.  :)



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