T is for Toffee Bars.

When we came to T, a certain husband of mine kept suggesting toffee.

You know how I feel about making toffee.  (And a follow-up to that story...it wasn't the best toffee.  We'll leave it at that.

But, in order to retain the title of Most Fabulous Wife, I found this recipe for toffee bars, thank you very much.  No actual toffee-making required.  :)

I love this site because she gives you some great background and some great hints for making the recipes.  And you know the spot where she says to let the bars sit for awhile?  Do that.

Or your cutting board looks like this.  And your fingers get covered in chocolate.

But the final result looks like this.

And, because a couple of them might have broken in the process, I can guarantee you that they taste most delicious.  ;)


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