Confessions of a runner.

Confession:  I finally tried on my fancy-schmancy DetermiNation shirt the other day.

I didn't try it on before because I was afraid.  I was afraid it wouldn't be comfortable.  I was afraid that doing so would make it real- that I would actually be admitting that I was doing it.

Confession:  I'm really nervous about running this weekend.

Ever since the "vanity race," I haven't been able to do a long run because of some pain in my ankle.  And now it's been awhile and I'm afraid that I won't be able to run the entire 13 this weekend.  I'm afraid that I should have been running long runs anyway, just in case.  I'm afraid that I won't remember to concentrate on why I'm running- and that instead I'll worry about coming in last, or how I look compared to the other runners, or what other people will think of me when I actually do come in last.  (When I'm actually thinking coherently about this- I'm focused on the fact that I'm doing this because it's hard and it's for cancer research.  Period.  Who cares if I come in last...  Of course I'm shaped/dressed differently than other people.  Who cares?  But sometimes fear creeps in.)

Confession:  I'm really excited about running this weekend.

I've been working toward this race since May.  It's a big deal to me (and thus you're having to hear about it quite a bit).  And seriously?!  If I (with God's grace) can do this--raise the entire $1000 and actually finish!?!  Do you know how amazing that will be?!?!

Confession:  I used Camille as an excuse and bought blue sparkly nail polish yesterday.

I can't use my regular teal for this race.  It will totally clash with my red/white/blue DetermiNation shirt.  ;)

Thanks for listening through these past five months, friends.  It means a lot to have your support.  

I'm almost there- $825 out of $1000.  (Wanna help?  There's still time!)


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