First family 5K!

You'll have to pretend that I'm in that picture too...the one I tried to get with all five of us worked out like this:

On Saturday we five Zs completed our first 5K as a family.  (Yes, first.  Yes, Nate...we're totally going to try one again sometime...just don't know when.)

It went ok...we had to walk the last leg due to the youngeZt deciding that she absolutely could not take one more second in the jogging stroller.  (FYI-  It turns out people actually do stop running, turn around, and stare at you if you continue to run with a screaming baby in your stroller.  No, people...we were not torturing her.  She was fine.  Tired and hungry, yes, but fine.)

At any rate, we did this because I really want our kids to learn that exercising is fun- lifetime stuff, you know?

Which is precisely why not many members of the Zfam were smiling as we crossed the finish line.

Good job, Anne.

I might have been frustrated that it was (obbbbviously) Nate's fault that Abby was crying in his stroller.  I might have been frustrated that Blake got sick of trying to make her stop crying.  Nate might have been frustrated that I was frustrated.



Good job, Anne.

So maybe I lost track of the fact that the whole exercise thing is supposed to be fun.  Rather than teaching the kids that it was ok to slow down, to enjoy the beautiful path that we were on, and just complete the three miles as a family, I was so focused on powering through and getting done that all I felt was frustration.  I wasn't feeling the gorgeous sunshine or the beautiful breeze or admiring the mighty Mississippi.


Lesson learned.


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