I did it...again!

Two years ago I completed my first real 5K.  (There was one before that, but we aren't going to think about that one right now...)

Camille was a baby, and my goal was to finish the thing.


Fast forward two years, and here we are again.   I wanted to run it to show myself I could do it again, and do it better.  I also had the goal of convincing my friend/running "coach" to run it with me.

Check, check, and check!

Sometimes time passes after a big event and your memory fades a little bit.  I remembered this course being hilly, but I was hoping that it wasn't quite as hilly as I remembered it being.  This was not the case.  It was actually hillier.

At any rate, my friend stuck with me.  She was so cool.  :)  I appreciate her so much.  (Also...now I can say that I have run with a marathoner.  That's got to up my running "status" at least 50 points...)

Our time was somewhere around 37 minutes.  At first I was frustrated with that time, but then I went back and checked the post from last time--- THREE MINUTES FASTER!!  I'm not really running for speed, but it makes me feel so good to know that I'm sticking with it and improving.

Good job, Anne.  :)
PS- This post only goes to show that if I can complete a 5K, I PROMISE you you can too.  :)


Lori said…
Way to go. Three minutes is a whole lot faster. You are an awesome runner.
Nice work! I'm so proud of you for all the time you put in training for this!

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