A is for Apple (Crisp)

Can you believe it?  Summer's gone, and we're back to Wednesday night stuff at church already.

I'm considering trying a theme this year- through the alphabet.  Here's hoping Mr. G gets a kick out of it too.  :)

So...starting with A:

Note my sous chef in the background.  I don't so much trust him with a sharp knife yet, so he resorted to building fire trucks.

Ok...maybe if you get your nose realllly close to the screen and sniff a little...no...probably not.  It does smell fabulous in our house, though.  (+500 wife points if it still smells this way when Nate gets home.)

So...I checked back, and I guess I was inspired by apples this time last year too.  No biggie, right?  I used a different recipe, though- this one, from my favorite- Joy of Baking.


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