Teachable moment.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful, and you know something?  This Z-fam lives within walking distance of a DQ.  

Perfect scenario?   I think so.

Except, guess what.  Parenting fail.  

Evidently neither of these Z-parents ever remembered to teach their Z-kids about littering...or more specifically, not littering.  One of the dear Z-kids finished his ice cream cone and pitched the wrapper and napkin over the side of the wagon.  The Z-parents didn't notice until a couple of blocks later.


Nate and I felt guilty.  The Z-child felt guilty.

But let's not tarry there....enter teachable moment.  :)

We spent the rest of the walk home looking for and picking up litter we found along the way.  Turns out there was a lot.  The kids enjoyed pointing out when they found something, and I enjoyed having Nate be the one to pick up the dirty stuff.  ;)  What I didn't expect was how much the kids enjoyed sorting it into the recycling and trash when we got home.

So...yay Z-fam for turning something not so great into (hopefully) something that will stick.


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