Garden: Week...?

Wahoo!  The highway is finally open for us to go visit the garden again!  It's been awhile since we've been out there.

Along the path, a grasshopper!!

At the plot...first thing I noticed?  Our neighbor's squash isn't just trying to eat my jalapeno plant...

It's trying to eat our ENTIRE PLOT!!

(Also, I guess it's not a squash plant exactly...)

Also, some leafy thing is trying to get friendly with my tomatoes.  At least, I think the tomato plant is in there somewhere...'s how our little plot looks now-

Not quite as impressive as some of the others', but I think it served the "kid-friendly, recognizable-vegetable-producing" purpose I was going for.

We came home with a bunch of tomatoes again, along with some banana, bell, and jalapeno peppers.

Our master gardeners- fun to compare with the beginning of the summer.  :)


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