Garden: Week 7

Our first poblano.  At least we'll have one chile relleno...

Seriously, people...should my broccoli be getting this tall??
(ETA:  Yup, I feel silly now.  I Googled this, and evidently these pretty yellow flowers mean I should have harvested already...)

Yeah tomatoes!

Jalapenos!  Nate and the kids ate them on tostadas last night.  I guess Camille drank 2 1/2 glasses of milk as a result.  ;)

Our neighbor's squash-type trying to become friends with my jalapeno plant.  :-/

Lookin' a little dry...

"Look at all Joe Mauer's veg-ables, Mommy!"  (Camille currently chooses to refer to herself in the third person Joe Mauer.)

Pretty fields/"prairie".  :)


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