For once, at least...

...but probably never again.

I've said in this blog many-a-time that Nate is a much stronger runner than I am.  He can run farther, he can run faster, and he can not run for several years and still run a 5K in half my time.

That being said, this weekend I outran him.

It was warm out, it was the end of the day, and he was pushing the heaviest kids/stroller....but he called uncle before I did.  :)


It will probably never happen again, but let me tell you:  I have never outran/outexercised anyone in my life.

Doing it just once made me feel a little proud, at least- like maybe I'm improving just a little.


(and now excuse me as I go run more...lest he up the ante and leave me in the dust from now on.)

PS- the picture is from last year...I'm not gutsy enough yet to do a race this year.


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