Sometimes I even amaze myself...

The kids and I found some beads at the craft store, and we decided to make them into necklaces.

They were having a little bit of trouble getting the beads strung on the ribbon, and in a moment of pure inspiration, I thought to tape a toothpick onto the ribbon as a needle of sorts.

The toothpick worked fabulously.  Even Camille was able to string beads without any help.  The kids must have worked for the better part of a half hour.

I continued to revel in my pure genious-ness up until the point where we tied the necklaces and realized that I had cut the strings too short for them to actually be used as necklaces...

At least I was a genius for a few minutes.  ;)


That is a GREAT idea! I'm storing it away for a year from now!

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