We had a picnic at the park.

Blake noticed this

and asked Nate what it was.

You should have seen Nate's eyes dance as he started to think about all the things he could teach Blake.

By the time Nate started to talk, Blake had already moved on to the swings and the slide and other (ahem...normal) park things.

I told Nate I'd listen- and really I did...except...really the only thing that I got out of the conversation was the fact that there is something called electrical hum, and here in the states it's 60, but in Europe it's only 50, and it sounds different, and therefore he wants to take me to Europe someday.

Not because he thinks that the Eifel tower would be beautiful or because he wants to see where I studied in Spain. 

But because he wants to hear the hum.

Sigh...this is why I love my husband.  Electrical hum.


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