[For Lori]

I didn't let you down.

Just for you all the way in Duluth, I got up kinda early, donned my running shoes,

and went out the door.

and ran, and ran, and ran

(and I promise you I did not walk until I was done).

And then I came home.

And I didn't let you down.

You're killin' me, Coach. ;)


Lori said…
I am so proud of you. Way to go!!!! Keep up the good work. You were up even before I was.
Becky said…
Way to go, Anne - you did it! I got my outside run in before the rain, too...before my back went out. :-/ So excited that you reached the 5 mile mark...did you walk at all?
Anne said…
i was so proud- i didn't walk until my cool down. :D

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