A "camping" we did go.

Abby, you see, has thrown a major wrench in Blake's summer plans.  Blake wants to go camping every.single.weekend, and Mommy and Daddy aren't quite ready for that yet.  Something about it being too much work with a little baby...

Blake persevered, however, and talked the GrandparentZ into letting him come camping in their back yard for the weekend.  A perfect balance, you see-- all the tents and campfires he could hope for, and a wonderful house with clean bathrooms if Mommy decided to cry "uncle" with Abby.

Mommy, however, did not have to cry uncle once.  Abby was a camping CHAMP.  She slept better in the tent than she's ever slept in our house.  Mommy's considering setting up the tent in the back yard...

"Grandpa....we're waiting!  Is it time to start the fire yet????"

A picnic at the park- Mommy put her head down on the blanket for approximately three seconds to enjoy the trees.

"I think I need my flashlight ready.  It might get dark in a few hours..."

"S'mores are GREAT!"

(And, for Mommy's personal enjoyment...some of the pretty hydrangeaZ.)


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