My amazeballs husband.

I read in the newspaper today that I am no longer supposed to say the word "utilize" (because that just shows that I am a semi-educated person trying to make myself come off smarter) or utilize the phrase "LOL" (evidently it's a thing of the past...).  I, instead, am supposed to use the word "amazeballs."  L-O-L...and these people were serious!  (I tried to link you to the article, but it looks like you have to subscribe to the paper to be able to read it.  Consider yourself lucky.)  Amazeballs?  Really?  Evidently I'm pretty far removed from  pop culture, as I had to look up the reference.  I guess it's a Paris Hilton thing.  Sigh.  I'm sad that our subscription money went toward paying that writer, and I'm even more sad that I actually took the time to read it...all of it. (good grief!  and then I go and blog about it!!!)

All of that aside, I had to write about Nate today.  We were at church, and a woman approached me with a question. I knew she would probably ask me at some point, but I didn't think she'd ask so soon.  As a result I didn't have my carefully phrased "no" response prepared.  (Does that make sense?  I hope so...)  Nate was standing near me while this was going on and listened to me as I babbled on and on and all around my "no," trying not to hurt her feelings or insult her or her program.

On the way home Nate remarked that he could tell that I was nervous talking to her by the way I responded because I "always....".  I love that.  I love that he knows me that well that he could tell I was that nervous without my telling him.  I look forward to the next 60-or-so years of getting to know him better too.

...or do I?  ;)

j/k, of course.  (or shouldn't I use "j/k" either?)

(And I thoroughly apologize for using "amazeballs" so many times today.  I can promise you it will not happen again.)


LOL! I love this blog post.

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