"Pretty House" - Phase II

This past weekend something flipped in my head again.  I think it may have flipped a little too early, but oh well.  I'm done with winter.  Period.  Bring on spring.  It doesn't have to be super-warm-and-green-grass-y yet, but a little bit of melting would be nice...and some stronger sunshine too.

I was doing some closet cleaning recently and I came across a really fancy vase that we got for our wedding that I think I may have used once before- it's not that I don't like it...I love it!  I think it's beautiful!  I've just been saving it for a "special" occasion.  But why?  Why not enjoy it now?

I kept the vase out and for Camille's birthday party I filled it with two bunches of daisies.  So pretty.  I put it smack-dab in the center of the kitchen table, and all together it looked so pretty.  (ok...I already said that, but whatever...I really think it looks very pretty.)  Our entire kitchen looks like spring! 

So...it's just a temporary act to make the house look "prettier," but at least it's something, right?


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