"Specimens B & C"

Yesterday afternoon Blake, Camille, and I were invited to attend a 5th grade girl scout meeting.  The girls are working on their child development badge, and they were looking for people who could talk to them a little bit about kids....and then let them play with their kids a little.   :)  (Our neighbor and her mom are a girl scout & leader, which was how we got asked.)

It was quite fun, actually.  We three trekked to the local elementary school and met with three different groups of girls, answered some questions, and played.  Blake was happy as a clam...15 "big kids" who wanted nothing more than to vie for his attention?!  Are you kidding?  When one group would leave he would point to the next and say, "I want them to come over here and play with me now!"

My favorite part was when they gave us a box of girl scout cookies as a thank you.  ;)


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